EOS 5D replaced with 21 MP

Canon EOS evolution
Canon EOS evolution

This is what Chasseur d’Images reveals on its web site home page. the new Full Frame sensor from Canon “dépasse la barre des 21 millions de pixels” (has more than 21 million pixels). The camera should be at the top of the category with all the possible bells and whistles including LiveView and a video mode. But above all, we must expect that the design has been improved: “rajeuni et d’une belle finition alliant robustesse et légéreté, grâce à un châssis en alliage de magnésium” (rejuvenated and with a nice finish blending robustness and lightness).

The title of the illustration seems to confirm the name of the camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II. This was very probable, but many other names had been published here and there (and here too).

We’ll know all the details on September 17th in the morning.







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