WordPress transfer

WordPress v2.3.2In the end, transfering a WordPress installation from one server to the next will not have been a simple task. As a matter of fact, moving the files, moving the database, seemed to be the easiest. But I could no longer upload images in WordPress.

Here is what I had to do (and you may have to do) to get back full features and operations:

  • Check that PHP was in safe_mode (not obvious, you’d have access to the server or its administrator).
  • Ensure that access rights to the image upload directory (wp-content/uploads/*) were clearly set to 777 (here again, you’ll need to get support from the adminstrator, or a Telnet/SSH access to your account on the server).
  • Since I did not re-install WordPress from scratch, but transfered the full config, I did not notice that the setting for storing of images was now bogus (the directory used on the previous server was not existing on the new server). So, I went back to the admin interface of WordPress > Settings > Miscellaneous and set again wp-content/uploads as the upload directory (first option on this page and default value as shown/written under it).

I hope that you will not be stung like me…







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