Kenya safari, visa fees in dollars only

You wanted to go to Kenya for a safari or a photo safari (this will quickly become very fashionable, thanks to the latest Disney movie, “The crimson wings” whose location is Kenyan Tanzanian lake Natron)? You wanted to get your visa in the Nairobi airport after landing (this is much easier than queuing at the Kenyan embassy in London)?

Beware! There is a change: You no longer can pay your visa fees at the airport immigration counter in Euros, Kenyan shillings, Swiss francs and British Pounds (having a wide choice could be interesting in order to choose the best price according to the exchange rate at the time of entry in Kenya). So, you must have a 50 US dollar bill (US$ only). Don’t be surprized and change some bills before leaving your country of origin or… go queue at the embassy.

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