Mafia Wars: Maximum loot

If you play at Mafia Wars on Facebook, you certainly noticed that some objects are very difficult to get and are absolutely necessary to finish a full campaign. For example, I would list:

  • Concealable camera
  • Computer setup
  • Untraceable Cell Phone
  • Blackmail photos
  • Illegal Transaction Records
  • Politico Corrupto
  • Dossier on Dmitri

You will need several hundreds of each of these objects (for example, 300 Politico Corruptos).

It is important to know where to get them. They are “loots” randomly ocllected from some “jobs”. And I advise you to write down where you should go to catch them. As a matter of fact, you could try and ask you mafia family to help, but everybody needs them and they don’t share those valluables a lot.


  • Concealable camera : Rob an Electronics Store in New York / Enforcer and Smuggle Consumer Electronics for the Vory in Moscow / Baklany
  • Computer setup : Rob an Electronics Store in New York / Enforcer
  • Untraceable Cell Phone : Rob an Electronics Store in New York / Enforcer and Arrange A Drug Shipment for the Mafiya in Moscow / Baklany
  • Blackmail photos : Obtain Compromising Photos in New York / Hitman
  • Illegal Transaction Records : Steal Bank Records in New York / Capo
  • Politico Corrupto : is a by-product of Businesses, Bribery Ring in Cuba
  • Dossier on Dmitri : Buy Mafiya Intel On Dmitri in Moscow / Baklany


I’ll also show you more about it later.

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