Mafia Wars: How many points?

When you progress in Mafia Wars on Facebook, you collect points that you should choose how to assign between:

  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Health
  • Energy
  • Stamina

Here are my recommendations about the optimum number of points in each.

Attack: You should stay with around 1/2 of your level, with a minimum around 50-55. If you are a Level 50, try to have a 45-50 Attack. If you are a Level 125, you should aim for a 60-70 Attack.

Defense: Same as for Attack.

Health: You don’t want to be too low, but as soon as your Properties in New York start producing money steadily, you will be better spending this money is curing yourself than spending points on Health.

Energy: This is what you always want to maximize. You’ll never have enough.

Stamina: They are needed for fighting and we’ll see that fighting is key but slow. Don’t get much more than 100 if you don’t want to spend all your days fighting.

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