Default calendar in iOS

iOS calendarWhen I recently replaced my ageing iPhone, I had to install some applications again and I encountered a little issue: Since I have several calendars all in the same phone (my office Outlook agenda, the personal calendar from Google, and some others), the phone insisted on creating all my new meetings in the wrong calendar.

I had to change the calendar used “by default” by the iOS Calendars application. Nothing really difficult except that it took me hours to find how to do it. Here is the right way:

  • Open the Settings applet
  • Select Mail, Contacts & Calendars
  • Scroll down to the Calendars category
  • Select Default Calendar
  • Choose the calendar you want to select

That’s all folks! But I advise you not to change it too often. And, this is better if you do not have too many calendars on the same screen (you’d easily be lost in the diversity).







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