CrashPlan: Solution to backup crashes

Finally, it did not take me very long to find a solution to the crashes of my CrashPlan backup solution. And, it was right on the web site of the software editor, where I could find all the directions to follow if CrashPlan crashes unexpectedly.

I just doubled the memory size made available to the CrashPlan virtual machine, thanks to these indications. The application immediately restarted OK. Instead of exploding after a few seconds, the 7000 file delayed in their backup (thanks to returning from Costa Rica) started to be backed up again by CrashPlan.

Seriously, we would prefer to see Code42 (CrashPlan editor) adding a small code snippet detecting this kind of situation described in the web page and applying by itself the changes without requiring dancing to a tune that is utterly inaudible for most of the users…

There is still to understand the restoration issues on Marion’s PC (it’s much more important to be able to restore than to be able to backup).

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