Author: Yves Roumazeilles

Pi to one MILLION decimal places

One million useless figures The “most useless page” of this web site shows the first million decimal figures of PI (Do you remember your math? PI=3.14, more or less). All this is a kind of « virtual partnership » with French scientific magazine La Recherche whose December 2005 issue is titled : « Pi, le maître nombre » (Pi, the Master number). There,…

Red fox

Kitsune, or red fox

The northern hemisphere predator with the most extensive range: The ubiquitous red fox. As in Europe, the red fox (locally known under the lovely name of kitsune) is relatively difficult to find but, once found, it is not very easily afraid of human presence. Red fox, Renard roux (Vulpes vulpes)Hokkaido, Japan North island, January/February 2019.