Zoom into the Mandelbrot set

The fashion of drawing fractals is a memory of the past (it was probably linked to the first appearance of computers able to collate the computing power for the needed calculations and the display capacity for complex images). But the pleasure is all mine to find this HD video which sends us into a Mandelbrot… Read More

Find your free wallpapers with Google

If you’re like most people, you’d like to have pretty wallpaper on your desktop background. You can always go to wallpaper web sites but most of them are choke-full of ads and they always provide the same usual set. How about getting new ones? Use Google. Now, Google is able to search images by size.… Read More

Planetary pictures and wallpapers

I consider that the most useful and often the most interesting wallpapers for your computer desktop are images that are relatively feature-less. A picture full of little details continuously grabbing your attention is a major nuisance. It’s much better to have either a very smooth image or a photo containing a lot of continuous tones.… Read More

The DTB saws cameras in half

The Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin is a museum presenting a large mount of technology history. Quite naturally, they are biased toward presenting a lot of German achievements and this country is known for hosting some of the very best optical engineers and being rightfully proud of brands like Carl Zeiss, Leitz/Leica. Charlie Sorrel wrote a piece… Read More

Summer reading: Top 100 English novels

Summer: m.noun /ˈsʌmə(ɹ)/ (plural summers) Long period of time that millions of English-seaking people choose to replace watching silly TV reality shows by reading silly thick paper printed words selected first for their total lack of requirement of brain participation during the operation known as reading. Let’s contribute to the improvement of knowledge and culture… Read More

Free movies (many)

We all love when things come free to us. Here I found a treasure trove of movies that are free to download. Legally. Thanks to the Canadians of the National Film Board of Canada. They give us feature-length movies, documentaries, animated short movies. Everything, of the best quality, at the best price: Free.