Category: Digital photography

  • New hummingbirds

    New hummingbirds

    After a recent trip to Ecuado, I had the possibility of enriching my collection of hummingbirds. All my new hummingbirds are here: I love these small (or tiny, rather) birds. Colors, shiny feathers, high speed make them adorable and excellent subjects for photography. Truly fascinating…

  • Ocellated lizard

    Ocellated lizard

    Ocellated lizard, Lézard ocellé (Timon lepidus)Spain, May 2021.

  • A big Spanish cat

    A big Spanish cat

    Wild focus is at it again: Back in Spain for the Iberian Lynx. You can visit the image portfolio.

  • A few rabbits

    A few rabbits

    Just published on “Wild focus“, a few rabbits shot in the afternoon light of Spain.

  • My own preferred photos: Wild focus

    My own preferred photos: Wild focus

    I know that publishing here on a more or less regular basis my new photos from my own adventures in the wild world is appreciated by some. But I am also asked to come back to older photos or to highlight some of the pictures I prefer. So, I decided to create a kind of…

  • Crinkle cranckle

    Crinkle cranckle

    Two images that I found both on the excellent TYWKIWDBI blog. You will notice that they are loosely related.