Category: Photo safari

  • Grey seal(s)

    Grey seal(s)

    Grey seal, Phoque gris (Halichoerus grypus)Scotland, May 2018.

  • European shag

    European shag

    Not as large as the Great cormorant, but much more elegant and nicer. You will admire its black face illuminated by the yellow beak base and the green eye. European shag, Cormoran huppé (Phalacrocorax aristotelis)Scotland, May 2018.

  • Glaucous Gull

    Glaucous Gull

    Glaucous Gull, Goéland bourgmestre (Larus hyperboreus)Scotland, May 2018.

  • Common Murre

    Common Murre

    A quite large auk (so, a relative of the razorbill), the murre or the common guillemot is quite easy to find if you accept to visit the circumpolar regions (near the North Pole). Stylish and always elegant in its black tuxedo (an eternal sign of distinction as can be confirmed by James Bond). Common Murre…

  • A Scottish bunny

    A Scottish bunny

    European rabbit, Lapin de garenne, or Lapin commun (Oryctolagus cuniculus)Scotland, May 2018.

  • Pheasants from Scottish country fields

    Pheasants from Scottish country fields

    Three common pheasants (including one female) and one male green pheasant. Common pheasant, Faisan de Colchide (Phasianus colchicus)Green pheasant, Faisan versicolore (Phasianus versicolor)Scotland, May 2018.