Category: Manufacturing

  • It’s broken… Try again now!

    It’s broken… Try again now!

    Maintenance Percussive from Duncan Robson on Vimeo. No need for an engineer’s degree!

  • Aluminium anodization

    Metal parts can be colored in the strangest ways. When we speak about aluminium, Apple is able to produce extraordinary hues on aluminium covers. As a matter of fact, they are using an anodization process which oxydizes the surface of the metal to create small pores to receive color pigmentation which will become nearly impossible…

  • Leave me alone!

    YouTube link Bravo à Philippe L.

  • The sea of pianos

    I recently received an email from Tom Wrigglesworth inviting me to have a look at a recently published video. Usually, I let such requests go by (if they are not just caught and dumped by my anti-spam filter). Sometimes, I have a look at them. Today, I was stopped by the sheer simplicity of this…

  • How a book was made?

    Remember! This was long before the text reading on the screen of your mobile phone. We were using books made out of… paper. I kid you not! Here is how they made books in this long-gone era: YouTube link

  • Manufacturing a football

    Keeping my continuous aim at showing you videos of some of the marvels of the industrial world, I found this video (promotional but interesting) where we can discover the manufacturing process for a football (relatively similar to our own rugby ball). YouTube link