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  • Panda discovers Toronto’s snow

  • 2048 – Addictive!

    2048 – Addictive!

    This is a game for non-gamers. The aim is to reach a total of 2048 on a 4×4 grid. The mean is to align two identical figures to add them: 2 + 2 = 4. You can play 2048 on iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad, etc.) or on the web. Please, before you start, make sure…

  • Let Particle Physics have fun

    I don’t know why but this video clip attracts me strangely. Even if I don’t understand all the advanced notions that are evocated quickly one after the other, (I am not really up-to-date despite all my efforts to understand some of it), I bow in front of the enormous work to adapt Queen’s music (Bohemian…

  • Leave me alone!

    YouTube link Bravo à Philippe L.

  • Videos (more or less) about cars

    Rather than using electricity to power a car, here is a prototype using Coke Zero and Mentos. YouTube link But, when you’ve been using so much coke, you need to clean your car. Just don’t try to do it the same way as… Two guys vs. a car wash spray hose

  • Police brutality has no limit

    But beware! In the following video, you will witness extremely troubling and grave facts and behaviours: a policeman having fun normal people having fun with the policeman road users not taking the policeman seriously several abuses of authority (including forms of sexual harassment) several failures to comply All these crimes and misdemeanors are happening in…