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DirectX 10 on WinXP

Microsoft promised that the new graphics standard for Windows (DirectX 10) will not be applied to anything older than Windows Vista. This was enough to push some people in looking for ways to make it work on Windows XP (WinXP), or on Mac, or on Linux. A guy, named Cody Brocious from San Diego, California,…

Google finds MP3 (legal or not)

A neat trick that was hanging around the Internet but that I found in Transnets. How to search with Google for the MP3 files of your artist of choice. Use the following search phrase (replacing Roumazeilles with the artist name): {-inurl:(htm|html|php) intitle:”index of” +”last modified” +”parent directory” +description +size +(wma|mp3) “Roumazeilles”}