Category: Optical illusion

  • Be a beta-tester

    If you have the heart of an adventurer, you may be interested to know that Ijust put in beta-test some new websites that I am working on. (site specializing in digital photography) (about felines and other big cats) (optical illusions) (SEO, traffic optimisation and web site revenue maximization) Your opinion will…

  • A few glasses and bottles

    A few glasses and bottles

    I found a few funny, interesting, or surprising glasses or vases that I wanted to share with you. The first ones are coming with a request to drink responsibly:

  • The dots make the disc

    The dots make the disc

    The rock band Soulwax created an album with a nice optical illusion for its cover. You will have a move and squint your eyes a little to fully perceive the effect. Source: Neatorama.

  • Bars and bars

    Bars and bars

  • Anatomy of an illusion

    All the details about a simple optical illusion and what we can learn from it about the inner workings of the human brain.

  • Sun and shadows

    Sun and shadows

    Where are the shadows? Where is the sun? This simple optical illusion could let you think that MC Escher did not survived to 2008. Source: Erathic Eric via Dump Trumpet.