Online color thesaurus

Would you know what colour cerulean is? Or peach? Or spruce? Or watermelon? Or plum? Or rust? The HP online color thesaurus is a great way to identify these and to get the precise formal definition of such colours. You type in a name, and it will give you the color, similar ones and anonyms.

Crysis, available tomorrow

After months of expectation organised by marketing and advertisment, the FPS video game most awaited of the year, Crysis, will be available tomorrow (you can already download it on Steam and the Electronic Arts online shop/store -on-line electronic payment and validation- but not use it yet). Graphic card providers are already dreaming of the rising… Read More

Spyder Pro to calibrate two LCD displays

I had previously indicated that I successfully calmibrated a Hyundai Q17 LCD display for a better color management. Today, in order to work in the best possible conditions when handling digital photos on my main PC system using a Dell 2407WFP as my primary display and still the same Hyundai Q17 as secondary display, I… Read More

Blog action day: Save the planet, energy-saving computer tricks

Today is Blog Action Day: The day that bloggers chose to try and help save the planet from the impact of Human activity. For my own part, I decided to collect a few ideas to save energy in your computer usage: Upgrade your gear Dim your screen Consolidate and virtualize computers Turn off peripherals Kill… Read More

Drivers, benchmarks and new products

This is becoming weird. A few years ago, if a graphics card manufacturer brought a version of a graphic driver specially prepared for a specific software, everybody cried wolf and it was a scandal, a benchmark cheat and unwelcome optimisation to favor results on a specific measurement. Today, all this evolved significantly. Did you notice… Read More