BitList Search Engine


The BitList Engine is a Windows Win32 DLL designed to handle lists of bits (and to a small extent, big numbers). It was built because of the limitations of the ANSI-C bit fields which cannot be larger than an “unsigned long”.

The BitList Engine allows you to build very large “bit lists” and to handle them with a set of functions covering a large range of needs (this is continuously expanding):

  • constructors/copy-constructors/copy operators
  • logical operators (AND, OR, NOT, etc.)
  • arithmetic operations (ADD, SUB, MUL, etc.)
  • shift operations (left and right)
  • others…

This will be particularly useful to handle large sets (as belong to the programmer’s bag of tools) and to work on encryption/compression code.

The Windows help file gives detailed on-line information about using it, and description of the various functions and data structures. It is complemented by the printed reference manual the registered user will receive.

Minimal File List:
   BITLIST.DLL   Basic Windows DLL for BitList
   BITLIST.HLP   Help for programmer (functions description)
   BITLIST.TXT   This file
   BITLIST.H     For C programmers
   CLUSTER.TXT   Description of the ClusterView application
   YGREP.TXT     Description of the YGrep Search Engine DLL
   ORDER.TXT     Minimal order form

The BitList Engine is shareware. It it not Public Domain or Free. See the help file for shareware information and extensive description of the registration steps (including a number of registration sites accepting 800-calls or credit cards). If you cannot find the Help file and its registration forms, use the minimal form file ORDER.DOC and mail it with your payment to the address shown.

If you find the BitList Engine useful, do the decent thing and register! In return you will receive (for a Single User license):

- the BitList Engine (in its latest version), with
  Windows 32-bit libraries (Borland users look into
- source code of the help files which can be modified
  to build your own application help file,
- source code for some useful resources that can be
  included in your own application,
- source code for some test programs,
- prototype of Visual Basic and Turbo Pascal header
  files (beta-versions only),
- a registration number to identify yourself,
- support thru Email and Fax.

When you register the full Developper Kit, you will ADDITIONALLY receive:

- an **UNLIMITED NUMBER** of target licenses,
- complete **SOURCE** code of the library, which will
  allow porting to other Operating Systems (including
  MS-DOS which already is in the Makefiles)
- Makefiles for Visual C++ 4.xx, etc.
- free automatic access to all the future minor
  evolutions of the library including all bug removal,
- and a 20% reduction on the registration fee for the
  major evolutions.

It’s time to register!

You can now register online. Just click on the following link.

Register through the PsL-Web (item #11245)