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  • Indigen – Animation short movie

    Man against Nature. Wildlife in Africa. YouTube link

  • African Harrier Hawk (Gymnogene)

    African Harrier Hawk (Gymnogene)

    This medium-sized eagle was a great discovery for me in Botswana. The African Harrier Hawk (Gymnogene) hunts for insects and small animals in dead trees and rocks. It’s very mobile and devilishly active. African harrier Hawk (or Gymnogene) (Polyboroides typus), Gymnogène d’Afrique. Moremi National Park, Botswana, May 2010.

  • Drunk in the jungle

    Did you know it? Marula is a kind of fig quite common in Sub-saharian Africa that is (too) much appreciated by elephants and many other animals. But when it get old and ripe, it starts fermenting quickly. Then, this worthless fruit should receive the warning label like “Drink responsibly” or “Don’t drink and drive”. YouTube…