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  • Scottish birds

    Scottish birds

    A few birds from all species, but all found in Scotland… Scotland, May 2018.

  • Back from Costa Rica

    Back from Costa Rica

    Did you know that Costa Rica probably has 5% of global biodiversity (if it is counted in quantity of local species)? Marion and I went and checked this on location, despite (Marion’s) worries that most of local animals may be mostly insects, but with the hope to bring nice shots of cute little frogs. All…

  • Louisiana, bird photos

    Louisiana, bird photos

    Normally, like many wildlife photographer, I appreciate watching bird pictures. Normally… This time, my eye got caught my the images of seabirds caught in crude oil, taken in Louisiana by Charlie Riedel (AP photographer). Thanks to BP for their excellent mastering of off-shore crude oil production and its consequences. Source: www.Boston.com