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  • Nurburgring: Holiday on ice

    You never saw the magnificent race track of Nurburgring under this appearance: covered with snow. Better! The snow has frozen. Worse: A pilot takes a formula car on a trip around the track and we can have a peek. No speed record for sure but a very unusual show. YouTube link

  • Videos (more or less) about cars

    Rather than using electricity to power a car, here is a prototype using Coke Zero and Mentos. YouTube link But, when you’ve been using so much coke, you need to clean your car. Just don’t try to do it the same way as… Two guys vs. a car wash spray hose

  • Inside a 4-stroke piston engine

    You certainly know the basic principles of the operation of a 4-stroke engine with its different phases: piston going down to suck gas and air in piston going up to compress the mixture piston going down pushed by the explosion piston going up to push burnt gas out of the cylinder Let’s admire the actual…

  • 24 heures du Mans

    24 heures du Mans

  • Practice session – 24 heures du Mans 2010

    Practice session – 24 heures du Mans 2010

    Yesterday, I was in Le Mans (France) to assist to the official practice session of this most famous endurance car race: les 24 heures du Mans. This was an obvious reason to bring along a photo camera in order to click the shutter onto this colorful and very active show. It’s technically very demanding for…

  • Video game fans just can’t take it when it’s real

    See what happens to video game players, when a real World Rally Championship (WRC) pilot takes them to the real dirt. “Are you ready for the real thing?” Ken Block is not only a good driver, he’s trying his best to have them p…ing their pants. YouTube link Source: Autoblog.