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  • This feline is well-adapted to technology

    Yes! This cat is driving a Roomba. YouTube link

  • Cats from Aube Nature

    Cats from Aube Nature

    Aube-Nature.com is a web site I tend to track nearly continuously because Cédric Girard tends to write interesting posts about nature photography. But I also caught a few posts with nice images of cats This goes farther than the usual “nice companion” photos. I recommend heartily to check regularly Aube-Nature.com.

  • Unusual felines

    Some of our pets can become heroes or -at least- be more unusual than we would think. The Pet Blog collected a series of astonishing histories about cats high moments, like: Oscar a.k.a. “Unsinkable Sam” Simon, of the Royal Navy The Alamo Cat Fred, the undercover secret agent Tama, train station master Source: The Pet…