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  • Helicopter crash test

    You already saw fine impressive car crash tests on Roumazeilles.net, but did you know that NASA recently dropped a helicopter from 35 feet high in order to check how it will sustain the shock? YouTube link

  • Dramatic crash tests

    After a demonstration of how cars evolved or progressed in terms of security in the last years, I also found some old crash tests where you can see what happens with a dreadful combination: High-speed (60+mph) and poor security car design. YouTube link1 YouTube link2

  • Progress: Auto crash tests

    We tend to forget it easily, but automotive technology made astounding progress in the past decades. And, there is a domain which has been simply transformed by this leap forward: Car safety. 1970’s cars were crushed by the energy of car accidents. The following video is a witness of what happened to pretty good cars…