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  • Crysis Wars comes along with Crysis Warhead

    While Crysis Warhead is now in pre-order for $29.99/29.95€, we heard that it will come along with a new multi-player component named Crysis Wars. new online multi-player modes 21 maps

  • Fast Crysis

    We have been used to receiving one update of Crysis, the PC FPS video game of the year, for a long time. But it seems that there is now an upcoming change: No update, just a new extension named Warhead or Crysis Warhead. Crytek was a little imprecise on this, but there is one major…

  • Crysis 2: We will have to wait

    The boss of Crytek simply announced that Crysis 2 (the sequel to Crysis) would not be ready before 2010. The wait will be long.

  • Crysis – Patch v1.1

    The Crysis game just received its first major patch. It brings a number of little improvements and some big performance improvements, too. Link to Crysis Mod.