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  • Sika deer

    Sika deer

    Its latin name could not make it more nippon than that: Cervus nippon. Sika deer, Cerf sika (Cervus nippon)Hokkaido, Japan North island, January/February 2019.

  • Big fauna in Winter – Yellowstone

    Big fauna in Winter – Yellowstone

    Birds, squirrel, pine marter

  • Deer and car

    Deer and car

    I couldn’t resist and I bring you this image I found on an automobile-oriented blog (autoblog).

  • Red deers in rut

    Red deers in rut

    For once, here is a photography trip to the Espace Rambouillet (near Paris, France) which allowed me (last weekend) to bring back a picture clearly representative of the rut (mating season) for red deers. Two stags fighting for supremacy: shocked antlers, flying dust and sexually aroused males. Also, some portraits of other stags which are…