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  • Flexible color e-paper displays

    Flexible color e-paper displays

    I have been checking on e-ink technology for some time, but here is Plastic Logic bringing the best of this technology: Flexible color e-paper. E-paper means that it behave like paper and does not need LED lighting from behind (like the Kindle Paperwhite). Color means that you can do much better than the Kindle Paperwhite…

  • Best locations for wallpapers

    Best locations for wallpapers

    You find them anywhere and everywhere, but it’s not always worth the visit. To find a beautiful wallpaper for your computer (even more if it has seevral screens), you need to find reliable sources of nice wallpapers. I wrote down a few of the best ones here: The wallpaper section of National Geographic Digital Blasphemy…

  • Is your screen dirty?

    The solution is here: http://pugcleaner.com/ Your screen may not thank Xtian for this idea!