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  • Red-throated loon’s family

    Red-throated loon’s family

    Already a few days ago, I had shown this great brid, the red-throated loon in flight, because it is a marvelously gorgeous bird. But after a few days, we could also find a mother with two chicks in a small pool near Fort Ross. This gives us the possibility to admire it on the surface of water. Red-throated diver or red-throated…

  • Red-throated loon

    Red-throated loon

    Look at that profile! Red-throated diver or red-throated loon (Gavia stellata, Plongeon catmarin, aussi appelé Plongeon à gorge rouge, Plongeon à gorge rousse, et au Québec Huart à gorge rousse). Dundas Harbour, Nunavut, Canada. August 2016.