Tag: Falkland Islands

  • Black-browed albatross

    Black-browed albatross

    The most common of the albatrosses is nevertheless an endangered species, red-listed by UICN, because of fast-decreasing population numbers. The great sailing ship of the Southern skies, the albatross, easily fascinates the observer with its huge wing span, with its elegance, and with the obvious kindness uniting the birds of a pair, too. Black-browed albatross,…

  • Great skua

    Great skua

    Great skua, Grand Labbe (Stercorarius skua, previously Catharacta skua)Falkland Islands, November 2019.

  • Commerson’s dolphin

    Commerson’s dolphin

    Lovely dolphin also named  jacobita, skunk dolphin, piebald dolphin or panda dolphin. If you want to photograph Commerson’s dolphin, you’d better be lucky and – more importantly – be in a high location overlooking the waves. This was the case for me at Saunders Island. Commerson’s dolphin, Dauphin de Commerson (Cephalorhynchus commersonii)Falkland Islands, November 2019.

  • Black-throated (canary-winged) finch

    Black-throated (canary-winged) finch

    Black-throated (canary-winged) finch, Diamant à bavette (Poephila cincta)Falkland Islands, November 2019.

  • Black-crowned night heron

    Black-crowned night heron

    Black-crowned night heron, Bihoreau gris (Nycticorax nycticorax)Falkland Islands, November 2019.

  • White-rumped sandpiper

    White-rumped sandpiper

    White-rumped sandpiper, Bécasseau à croupion blanc (Calidris fuscicollis)Falkland Islands, November 2019.