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  • The day of all beards

    The day of all beards

    Beards, they are amazing, full of surprises, flowering with novelty. Do you want some evidence? You can join the competition for the beard holding the largest number of wooden toothpicks: If you feel a pinch, don’t accuse the beard! In order to stay on the competition field, there was this beard contest in Alaska in…

  • This feline is well-adapted to technology

    Yes! This cat is driving a Roomba. YouTube link

  • Your printer in a video clip

    See what can be done with a few HP printers, a lot of free time and quite a load of imagination. HP – invent from Tom and Matt on Vimeo. Vimeo link

  • Doom is back in 2009 – A leak from Nepal

    Doom is back in 2009 – A leak from Nepal

    So, the great FPS game will be back before the end of the year 2009. Either the launch campaign started early in Nepal or the bus drivers are using their vehicles as video game weapons (the latter would explain the extraordinarily high frequency of dramatic road accidents there).

  • Google and ICANN reach for the non-latin world

    Google and ICANN reach for the non-latin world

    The ICANN started to allow non-latin alphabet to be used in the domain names to support half of the word which is actually using a non-latin alphabet (Russians, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, etc.) Google decided to celebrate with an anti-latin graphic to great their visitors.

  • Video game fans just can’t take it when it’s real

    See what happens to video game players, when a real World Rally Championship (WRC) pilot takes them to the real dirt. “Are you ready for the real thing?” Ken Block is not only a good driver, he’s trying his best to have them p…ing their pants. YouTube link Source: Autoblog.