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  • Let Particle Physics have fun

    I don’t know why but this video clip attracts me strangely. Even if I don’t understand all the advanced notions that are evocated quickly one after the other, (I am not really up-to-date despite all my efforts to understand some of it), I bow in front of the enormous work to adapt Queen’s music (Bohemian…

  • The flight of the bumblebee

    YouTube link And try not to admire the mimics of Malena Ernman, the singer.

  • O Magnum Mysterium, Morten Lauridsen

    Found by chance alone, I wanted to let you immerse into it. YouTube link

  • The cat’s duet

    A great classic piece of music from Rossini, Duetto buffo di due gatti is interpreted here by two young singers whose countenance is all the more appreciated for their honorable clothes and the Korean public that appreciated a lot the unexpected performance. YouTube link

  • Depressing Christmas carol

    YouTube link

  • Sony joins the DRM-free crowd

    It was about time! I had previously wrote here that Sony was now the last major music company not having announced any plan to offer its music catalog in MP3 format without DRM (without digital rights protection). This is about to change. Sony, like the other disc producers/distributors, finally figured it out: Consumers are actually…