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  • 1 year ago, BP should have had this computer

    1 year ago, BP should have had this computer

    As a matter of fact, many years ago, Texas Instruments was proud of the computation power of its portable calculators explaining how easy it was to check whether or not there was a risk of explosion from over-pressure in an oil rig. Precisely one year ago, BP should have followed this excellent advice and checked…

  • Louisiana, bird photos

    Louisiana, bird photos

    Normally, like many wildlife photographer, I appreciate watching bird pictures. Normally… This time, my eye got caught my the images of seabirds caught in crude oil, taken in Louisiana by Charlie Riedel (AP photographer). Thanks to BP for their excellent mastering of off-shore crude oil production and its consequences. Source: www.Boston.com

  • BP attempts

    If you want to have more technical details about the various attempts BP botched while trying to stop the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico from the Deepwater Horizon rig, here are all the diagrams about: THE BLOWOUT PREVENTER CHEMICAL DISPERSANTS RELIEF WELLS CONTAINMENT DOME TUBE TOP KILL JUNK SHOT WELL CAP WITH DOME…