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  • Orcas, videos I loved

    Orcas, videos I loved

    I know! This looks like advertisement for a certain diving company. But I don’t care, I don’t know them. And the videos are awesome. Check the second video and observe the hunting technique. Look at how the orcas use their tail to stun fish (you should hear the noise of the tail hitting fish). I…

  • Killer whale – Wrangel Island

    Killer whale – Wrangel Island

    A beautiful killer whale spotted from the boat, while cruising far from the coast. Orca, or killer whale (Orcinus orca), orque, ou épaulard.Wrangel Island, Russia.August 2018.

  • Orcas family snapshots

    Orcas family snapshots

    Orcas are marvellous mammals fro mthe sea that are usually only seen from the water surface: a fin, a rostrum jsut out of the water to catch a sea lion. Nothing more. But the NOAA scientists tracked them with an aerial photo drone and brought back some astonishing photos from above.