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  • Canon and the robot: A high-rez fable

    There is a race to obtain the largest possible digital photography and you have seen quite a number of them in our record images theme here. Today, Gerald Donovan, a Dubai-based photographer has associated the best photo robot and a Canon EOS 7D D-SLR camera. This contraption allowed to automatically shoot nearly a million (!)…

  • Even more pixels: Dresden

    Even more pixels: Dresden

    We have seen many, but today’s world record is a 26-gigapixel panoramic image of Dresden, Germany. I did not write 26-megapixel. It’s 1000 times what you’d expect from a better-than-high-end digital SLR photo camera. This impressive photo is made of 1,665 individual shots captured with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II photo camera armed with…

  • 6 giga-pixel Tokyo

    6 giga-pixel Tokyo

    Once again a gigantic digital image: Tokyo shot with GigaPan. Can you find Waldo (er, no! the dancing policeman)? Source: Photoart – Kalmar, via YLovePhoto.

  • Le Mans 2008 (part 3)

    Le Mans 2008 (part 3)

     Click on the thumbnails image to enlarge them After looking at these images I shot myself, I advise you to visit the excellent web site of Thomas Baekdal about Le Mans. 24 heures du Mans, 2008.