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  • Electronic books FAQ

    Electronic books FAQ

    I just found a (rather old) post from Cisco Press which tells you all you need about the electronic books, their formats, their various readers (Mac, iPhone/iPad, Kindle, Nook, Android, PC, etc.) in a few English paragraphs. I recommend you go and read (and bookmark, too) eBook Formats FAQ.

  • Create your own PDF files for free

    Thanks to Print2pdf from Software 602, a free PDF production utility, you will be able to master nearly everything you wanted to do when creating a PDF file without asking Adobe for their expensive software solution. YouTube link There are other tools for this, but Print2PDF allows both production on your Windows PC and on-line.…

  • Best PDF reader

    With the repeated announcement of (minor) incidents with the security of the original PDF reader from Adobe, I wondered what could be a good replacement. Obviously, it seems important to stay around free or low prices (Adobe Acrobat: Windows/Mac/Linux, Basic: free, Pro: $299), but is it possible to beat the Adobe product to read PDF…

  • PDF-to-Word for free (online tool)

    PDF-to-Word for free (online tool)

    You wanted to get the contents of this PDF file in a usable form. say! a Word document. Here comes PDF-to-Word, touted as “The Most Accurate PDF-to-Word Converter”, which may be quite right. It’s online, it’s free, it’s only 3 steps away: The converted document will arrive directly in your email box. Keen eyes like…

  • PDF day of applications

    PDF day of applications

    The PDF file format is a little gem invented by Adobe that brought the enormous advantage of a portable file format able to display a document on nearly any kind of display and computer. Unfortunately, the Adobe PDF format and free player are not exempt from problems and this generated a wealth of applications worth…

  • Canon color management guide

    A guide published by Canon to help you better manage colour with photo cameras and photo printers from this brand. Canon color management guide (2MB PDF file)