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  • Atlantic Puffin

    Atlantic Puffin

    You’ve got to love the clown bird, the Atlantic puffin! Nice black and white plumage, but all the colors of the world on the bill and the eye. Serious and totally funky! Atlantic Puffin, Macareux moine (Fratercula arctica)Scotland, May 2018.

  • Scottish birds

    Scottish birds

    A few birds from all species, but all found in Scotland… Scotland, May 2018.

  • Scotland: A fly in a flower

    Scotland: A fly in a flower

    Scotland, May 2018.

  • Northern Gannet

    Northern Gannet

    One of the most beautiful sea birds, long hunted by seamen, today protected but their colonies are still quite unusual. One of them is on Bass Rock. Northern Gannet, Fou de Bassan (Morus bassanus)Scotland, May 2018.

  • Greylag goose

    Greylag goose

    Greylag goose, Oie cendrée (Anser anser)Scotland, May 2018.

  • Northern Fulmar

    Northern Fulmar

    Northern Fulmar, Fulmar boréal (Fulmarus glacialis)Scotland, May 2018.