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  • Grey seal(s)

    Grey seal(s)

    Grey seal, Phoque gris (Halichoerus grypus)Scotland, May 2018.

  • Leopard seal

    Leopard seal

    Tough photographic conditions to catch only glimpses from this leopard seal hunting (It starts under water, sometimes very near the sand beach, but nearly always finishes more than a hundred yards from the coast, and the meal itself only happens after transporting the victim on a large distance from the hunting grounds). But, it was…

  • Sea lion

    Sea lion

    Strong sexual dimorphism allows easy differentiation of males and females (large and small individuals) of these very active penipedes. You will also note that they hold a thick mane explaining their name (lion manes, eh?). South American sea lion, Otarie à crinière (Otaria flavescens)Falkland Islands, November 2019.

  • Elephant seal

    Elephant seal

    Elephant seal, Éléphant de mer du sud (Mirounga leonina)Falkland Islands, November 2019.

  • Svalbard: A seal

    Svalbard: A seal

    It was a long time in coming, would say some of the obsevrers here. Here come some photos brought back from a wildlife destination much colder than my usual travels of the past. No big cat in the icy Svalbard archipelago. It was in June this year (2013) that I traveled to Spitzberg while the…