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  • Next time I dive, I want to meet this shark

    Next time I dive, I want to meet this shark

    Let’s admit that it won’t be easy to see such a whale shark baby playing (or discovering how to play) with the bubbles produced by scuba divers. So cute a baby! Source: Requin-Blanc.

  • Hand-nourished great white sharks

    They don’t seem so ferocious or so voracious those big sharks. I wouldn’t do it, anyway. YouTube link

  • Giant aquarium in Japan

    An enormous aquarium in Japan (Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium). YouTube link Think about it: Some divers dream of meeting a Whale Sharks. Here, you can meet four of them!

  • Hug a shark today!

    Sharks are amazing killing machines, very efficient predators of the seas. But they are not only that. They also have some behaviors that could be described as interesting, astonishing, amazing, curious or mind-boggling (depending on your state of mind and what you think about the interaction between sharks and divers). YouTube link May I parallel…

  • Sharks facing extinction

    It is often believed that wide-ranging oceanic sharks are so fast and powerful that they are quite resilient when it comes to fishing pressure. Actually, this is quite the contrary. Most sharks are carnivorous and thus rely on the availability of a lot of animal food, they also tend to mature slowly (so all early…