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  • ISS Tour – Welcome To The International Space Station!

    We’re still wondering what this ISS space station is for. We can see it from the ground at night. But, now, we can visit it as comfortably as some of the apartments on sale with Real Estate agents, as if NASA was trying to sell it. YouTube link

  • Coffee in space for New Year’s Day

    E.T.A. by JUNK from Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen on Vimeo. Vimeo HD link

  • The space shuttle as wallpaper

    The space shuttle as wallpaper

    The larger our displays, the tougher it gets to find adequate wallpapers. NASA (through a sélection from Chamorro) comes to our resscue with these exceptionnaly beautiful high-resolution images. Our computer will have a hig-technology look even in 4000×3000 pixels. You can notice that these images being free of copyright will allow to produce impressive posters…

  • Civilian uses of the atom bomb

    Civilian uses of the atom bomb

    The atom bomb is obviously usable (it has been used more than 60 years ago) for war. But some people had the weirdest idea: Using the bomb (Not a nuclear power plant, mind you! A real bomb) for civilian uses. Wired has an interesting list. Digging a hole, a big hole, a harbour Digging a…

  • International Space Station in motion

    International Space Station in motion

    The International Space Station is the product of a complex assembly process out of elements brought upt here by rockets and the space shuttle. Here is a video animation from USA today showing the sequence of events in this build-up.

  • Free movie: Star Trek episodes

    Download from CBS Movie information from IMDB.org Star Trek nearly defined what a SciFi TV series is or should be. Of course, there is something slightly ridiculous to the coloured pajamas used by the actors to convince the spectator that they are in the far future with advanced technology. But despite all its drawbacks, Star…