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  • Let the US government teach you a language

    These are language courses which have been developed by the US government and are set in the public domain. So, you can use them as much as you want. A long list of languages: Amharic Arabic Bulgarian Cambodian Cantonese Chinese Chinyanja Czech Finnish French Fula German Greek Hausa Hebrew Hindi Hungarian Igbo Italian Japanese Kituba…

  • Scientific jokes

    YouTube link If you’re not a scientist and you don’t understand these, there is no shame to feel. Some scientists are just wondering what this is all about… Source: Brian Malow on Fora.tv.

  • Free university education

    You may not have the time and money to go to University lectures. But there are other open options that the Internet is now offering. Many universities and famous institutions provide free online lectures. Let’s browse a few of the best ones I could find: Collège de France : the most famous French scientific institution…