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  • Theme security for a WordPress site

    Theme security for a WordPress site

    It is a fact of life on the Internet that hackers are roaming continuously in search for a chance to apply their knowledge to abuse your web site. Recently, I had the occasion of noticing an opportunity that I should not have let happening on Roumazeilles.net My web site is using WordPress as the “engine”…

  • Security on Roumazeilles.net

    Security on Roumazeilles.net

    Minor technical information for those of you who are sensitive to their online safety. One of the recommended steps to a better privacy and safety is using web site under the SSL protocol (accessing them with https:// instead of http://). Now, Roumazeilles.net helps you and can be transparently accessed through both addresses: https://www.Roumazeilles.net/ http://www.Roumazeilles.net/  …