Nouvelle fonctionalité : articles similaires

You may remark (or may not) the appearance of a new feature on this web site: on each individual post page, there is now a little list of similar articles. It is intended to help you discover new articles that you may not know but are related to the post your are reading at this… Read More

Fight SPAM and scan books

It is well known that the human brain has pattern matching capabilities much further advanced than those of the best equivalent software programs. This explains that failure rates of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) program may be as high as 1% (or even 2%) of errors, which is requiring later human proof-reading to ensure a reasonable… Read More

Publish your own book

Print on Demand (POD) has become a very affordable solution for people willing to publish their own books. Previously, you had to convince a publisher to invest in printing hundreds if not thousands of copies of your book; then, you hoped for success and -usually- failed. Print your own book at: CafePress Lulu With Print… Read More

Open source/free alternatives

I’ve been telling often (too often?) that you should replace your Microsoft Office with the cheap (free!) and powerful OpenOffice desktop suite. But some of my readers wanted to know about other replacement solutions for PC applications running under MS-Windows. Here are my “Open source alternatives to popular PC software“: Title / Download Comments Firefox… Read More

YAPB: A photoblog using WordPress

I did not yet have time to evaluate it formally but, on the paper, it seems that YAPB (Yet another photo blog) is a plugin allowing ot easily build a photoblog based upon WordPress (the size of thumbnails is configurable, WordPress themes are still usable, but there is no galery). One rule: One image, one… Read More

Why login?

If you look at the left-hand side menu on this page, you will notice that there is a link to either register yourself (Register) or login (Login). These links are here to give you the ability to identify yourself when your are visiting the web site. It is a two-step process: Register yourself, for… Read More

Why you want to start your own blog

Some time ago, most people would not even think about creating a web site. Today, it became so easy to do (see another post coming soon) that the only question is not how, but why. Consequently, I decided to give you a few of the common ideas that led most web site designers and bloggers… Read More

Your blog in 6 minutes

You want your own blog? After all, it’s so easy. There are many solutions for this including: Create your own web site (preferably after reading my previous articles) Start a WordPress-based site in a matter of minutes on the server As a matter of fact, with the second solution, you will find all tools… Read More