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bbPress installation

(Tuesday, January 1st, 2008)

While installing the new forums software on (bbPress) [it was only an evaluation that will not be followed immediately by a full implementation], I noted a few of the details I needed to do in order to reach a conveniently installed package. Since bbPress is only lightly documented, it may be helpful for other.


The first objective was to install two sets of forums (in French and in English, as for the news blogs) in their respective URLs.

The locations have an influence on the rest since I still wanted to have a good integration with the wordpress blogs. You are expected to install the forums inside the blog.

So, here is how I did it.


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Dollar going low, blogger earning less

(Saturday, December 29th, 2007)

As the US dollar drops in Stock Markets, there are some unexpected victims. As many other companies whose customers pay in US dollars, many bloggers using advertising services are being paid in US dollars (or in Euros converted from US dollars). While the green bill currency was dropping through the floor, bloggers earnings dropped too because unit prices of ads did not climb as fast.

Some are said to have lost 20% compared to last year.

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Rich fonts for your web site

(Sunday, December 9th, 2007)

The design of a web site is notoriously opposed to the use of rich and varied fonts: You are strongly invited to stick to the small list of common fonts. Unfortunately, this is not always enough. If you already started exploring alternatives like text-in-GIF-images, have a look at this hackzine article: HOWTO – Use rich fonts in your web design.

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Weird: All our error pages

(Thursday, November 29th, 2007)

When you follow a broken link in this web site, you will fall onto an error page. Of course, this does not happen very often (Ed.: I hope so!); I decided to give you a direct list of the error pages to answer to the standard erorr code 404 page not found.

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Spell-checking with Opera

(Friday, October 26th, 2007)

I am in love with the Opera web browser. I use it for 99% of my web browsing, so it is also the tool I use when writing posts for the web site. The only thing that I did not have right out-of-the-box after download was the ability of checking my spelling (and several people noticed a few typos in my posts along with some of my bad English).

So I decided to add a spell checker to Opera (a plug-in to limit the risks of my own typos). I found a pretty simple one: Aspell for Windows that Opera will automatically recognize when it is installed. It has dictionaries for many languages (it is easy to create one from a mere word list in your own language if you need to). It supports several languages at the same time.

The only drawback is that it is not working in real-time, but you have to call it from a right-click on the mouse into the post box. I would have preferred an active underlining of wrongly-spelled words (like in Word or OpenOffice-Write).

May be you know a better one that you would like to share…

Note for new bloggers: Even if I have been waiting long for this, typos in your posts just pushes forward a bad image for your own web site. Go and correct this now.

Source: check/.

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Fifty ways to track website traffic

(Monday, October 8th, 2007)

You have a web site, you want to see its traffic growth (it appears that this is the number one way web site creators spend their time: They track each and every little traffic change with stat tools). I offer you here a frighteningly long list of ways to satisfy your worst statistical perversions.

Fifty ways to track website traffic

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Install multiple versions of IE on your PC

(Sunday, October 7th, 2007)

Ok! This is useless for myriads of Internet users except the web site designer that wants (needs?) to test a page under different versions of Internet Explorer, but the installer built by Yousif ontains IE3, IE4.01, IE5, IE5.5 and IE6. Not bad!

Install multiple versions of IE on your PC

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What is RSS?

(Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007)

There are two ways to read this post, one is to go to the web site and to look at the pages; The other is to check the RSS news feed (These news on your web site).

If the number of visits is the judge, there are only very slim chances that you know about the mere existence of the RSS thread These news on your web site. This is why, I’ll try to speak a little about it and give you some tips about it.

The central idea is to ease the reading og articles from a web site by grouping them in a simpler form. You need a separated reader but, you may not know it, you already have one included in most modern web browsers. Instead of going to the site to check if there are news, your browser will receive updates any time there is something new. You’ll know if it is worth coming to the original web site.

Here are some informations as they were grouped by Codesqueeze.



Advice to bloggers

Now, if you blog or if you have a web site, it is strongly advised to include your own RSS version of the news and posts that you produce. It is favoring the most experienced readers who happen to also be the ones most able to extend the buzz around your activity or web site.

WordPress v2.1For the users of WordPress blogging software and sites, it’s just a matter of using the feature already included in your web site. You just have to make sure that the template you use is properly showing the existence of the RSS thread.

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WordPress 2.3 – It’s show time!

(Tuesday, September 25th, 2007)

All WordPress users should know that their prefered tool for creating a web site has just been upgraded. WordPress 2.3 is now ready and rolled into the public.

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How to set RSS feeds as your desktop

(Saturday, September 8th, 2007)

Want the top news you’re interested in without opening up a browser? There is a way to do it in just six steps if you are willing to exploit the RSS feeds made available by most news web sites.

Instructibles (via Download Squad).

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