Canon 5D replacement, rumours about sensor size

(Saturday, January 19th, 2008)

It’s amazing the number of unfounded rumours flowing currently about the future replacement of the Canon EOS 5D camera, a nice Full Frame digital SLR from the market leader. It seems that Canon has put a tight cover on all information, it is quite probable that an announcement will be made on 24th of January (but will it be a replacement for the 5D or for the smaller 400D/Rebel Xti?), and people start creating rumours just for fun.

Recently, I noticed the information about the sensor size of the future 6D or EOS 5D mk II (just in January):

  • 12 MP (unchanged from EOS 5D)
  • 16 MP
  • 18 MP
  • 24 MP

Either, Canon invented the technology to reconfigure the sensor size on-the-fly, or the vast majority of these guesstimates are plain wrong…

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