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OpenOffice.org v3.2 available for free download

The excellent office desktop suite, OpenOffice.org (Word, Excel and PowerPoint, in a free form, if you want) just moved to version 3.2 (still free). New features: Faster start-up times Compatibility with MS-Office 2007 documents Better Compatibility with MS-Office 97, 2000, XP documents, encrypted with a password Importation of dynamic tables from Excel Comments are now…

Software galore

We never can get enough of them, but our computers are sometimes overflowing. Software applications are everywhere, but how to choose the right one for the task at hand? I built a real collection of pages where you will be able to find nearly all you can dream for nearly all computers: Five important security…

Recompiling a Linux kernel, tips

Some GNU/Linux lovers like to optimize their Linux kernel with many recompilations. This is not absolutely needed, but a quite common hobby there. However, it is quite difficult to do correctly. Tips for successful Kernel Recompilation in Linux by bobcares.com.