United Kingdom wants access to encrypted Vista hard drives

Microsoft WindowsHer Majesty’s police force is worried by the promised arrival of Microsoft Vista and its feature to protect data on a PC hard drive by sophisticated encryption methods – to a result of leaving a foreigner unable to read any information from the PC hard drive. As a matter of fact, this feature could well be helping bad guys (the usual suspects: terrorists, child pornography amateurs and spy-pirates) to keep their data outof the prying eyes of the police investigators.

Scotland Yard would have been asking Microsoft to provide them with a backdoor into the system in order to allow them to watch the contents of an encrypted hard drive without the password or the help of the owner (rather needed if you want an easy police investigation).

We will see if Microsoft gives in to the friendly requirements of the official authorities (taking the risk to jeopardize the ultimate security of the data protection feature of the upcoming Windows Vista). I believe that they will not, but your opinion is as good as mine here.

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