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  • Easily identify your USB sticks

    Easily identify your USB sticks

    Our computers have more and more USB ports, and we have so many storage drives plugged into them (USB drives, USB thumb drives, memory card readers, etc.) that it is somewhat difficult to recognize them all when they are displayed on the desktop. In the example below, you wonder which one is which among all…

  • Bloglines: This is the end

    Bloglines: This is the end

    Not everybody knows Bloglines, but this is an excellent RSS aggregator that I have been using for several years already to quickly check and track efficiently a large number of information sources (and efficiency is a key factor when you read 165 web sites simultaneously not accepting to spend your life and nights to it).…

  • Create your own PDF files for free

    Thanks to Print2pdf from Software 602, a free PDF production utility, you will be able to master nearly everything you wanted to do when creating a PDF file without asking Adobe for their expensive software solution. YouTube link There are other tools for this, but Print2PDF allows both production on your Windows PC and on-line.…

  • Manage your process priorities in Win7

    Manage your process priorities in Win7

    You may not know it but all processes and all programs are not running with the same energy in your Windows-based computer. There is something named “process priorities” that manages which program will run first or will run with the most direct access to the CPU. photo credit: Ioan Sameli All this goes quite transparently,…

  • The list of all security-related computer tools

    It is impossible to list all these tools, but didn’t you want to have a list of all the best software security applications (and most of them are free) to handle the security of your servers and your personal computers? Probably the Best Free Security List in the World

  • MS Office or OpenOffice? The comparison

    MS Office or OpenOffice? The comparison

    Thanks to Bruce Byfield of Linux Journal, it is now possible to have a relatively fair comparison of the heavy-weight champion of office suites (Microsoft Office or MS-Office) and the young hyper-active challenger (OpenOffice). Obviously, OpenOffice advantage is that it is cheaper than Microsoft Office: It’s free. But what are the other ways to compare…