Felines from Mara river – some figures

Flag of KenyaI’m back from a full week of photo safari in the Masai Mara park (Kenya). Here are a few figures to sum it up (before the photos).

  • Lions: 47 different individuals spread over several prides (often met several times)
  • Leopard: 1 male
  • Cheetah: 5 animals
  • Elephants: dozens
  • Antelopes: beyond count
  • Crocodiles: two spending the day less than a hundred meters from our camp
  • Hippos: at least 40

Animal observation distance:

  • For the felines:
    • On average: 20 meters
    • Maximum: about 1 kilometer
    • Minimum: zero (photos are coming)
  • For the elephants:
    • On average: 100 meters
    • Maximum: about 1 kilometer
    • Minimum: in the middle of the camp (too near for the taste of some)

The group was made of 8 photographers (3 from Switzerland, 2 from French Bearn, one from Clermont-Ferrand and two from PAris, France). With photo equipment (mostly digital) from Canon, Nikon and Minolta.

During our daily trips, we met two profesional photographers (M.Denis-Huot et Mr. Gentil) and we had the pleasure to see the recent works of the first (while we were starting to be desperate for a leopard or a cheetah).

A very fine week. Wait for the images.

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