Masai Mara – Yawning all day long

Life in the wild savanah is a weird mix of leisurly quiet life (herbivorous graze in the sun, lions sleep in the shade of a tree, hippos float lazily in a river) and of terrible activity (antelopes are always alert about what is happening around, felines start running as fast as they can in order to hunt a needed prey, crocodiles spring onto the inattentive passer-by along a piece of water).

But the first thing you will notice is a slow quiet pace. The most striking element of this is the omnipresent animal yawn. And I want to celebrate this with a braid of photographs. But do not forget the fight for life.

Hippopotamus seem to be yawning, but it is actually part of its digestive processes.


Open mouthed hippo - yawning hippopotamus

On the contrary, the lions are dozing in the shadow during most of their day (it eats, sleeps, hunts to eat).

Lion yawning 1

Lion yawning 2

Lion yawning 3

Lion yawning 4

Lion yawning 5

Lion yawning 6

Lion yawning 7

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