Need more traffic, do not pay for site submission

From time to time, I notice the ads on my own web site. I admit some are a truly fascinating sight. They seem so unattractive – when you think about it – that it is surprising they still exist. In some case, it looks a lot like snake oil.

Last I saw with mild surprise, 29.99$ for the submission of your web site to 750,000 search engines. On the one hand, I did not know that there were so many existing on the planet Earth (blown up assumption, or counting each and every Google affiliate as a single search engine), but truth shows that only an extreme minority has any notable importance (or you may say that the immense majority is plain useless or only copying data from the big ones).

The best mean to appear quickly in a large number of search engine is: get a link from an already referenced web site. Go and negociate a nice link from one of your friends’ web sites. Don’t spend your energy on ten of them. Don’t spam the world for it.

In order to be listed in Google, just go and register yourself manually on Google submission page. A few minutes are enough (maybe less than one minute in most cases) to pop into the database of the Internet search engine leader and thousands of web sites affiliated to use directly or indirectly its data. Allow 4 to 8 weeks for the first real inclusion; But it is not slower than with the detection through a direct link from a friendly site.

If your web site is clearly targetted, you could easily have a reasonable advertisment in your email signature and this would pop into the archives of the email lists and forums you visit.

Go and check the contextual ads of this pae, they must include links to plenty of web services like “site submission”. But I don’t believe this is worth your money. The only thing is that if you click on their ads, they loose a few cents of advertisment (and I share a small earning with Google). Why pay for something you can do in a few seconds? Really!

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