Why did the chicken cross the road? The story of a meme

Why? During a public recording of “des papous dans la tête“, France Culture radio station  show, on the 6th of June 2004, Françoise Treussard rhetorically asked herself if the author of the classical question-story about the chicken who would have crossed the road was present in the studio. I took the issue in my own hands as if… Read More

Fast forward to 29,029 ft (Mount Everest)

Mount Everest is high. No. It’s the highest point on Earth and it is 29,029-feet high. Do you see what it really means? This is too high to easily recognize. So, Richard Johnson, Bonnie Berkowitz, and Lazaro Gamio provided a web page with a long graphical representation of this height. You can visit at Scaling… Read More

Once more! Ice-Altitude

Yes! I did it again! Here is a new web site I launched recently. this time, the intent is to share Marion Jonchères’ passion for cold, ice, snow and altitude. Here, you will only find extreme sports, high altitude mountaineering, North Pole or South Pole. But this is based on detailed commentaries and spectacular pictures.… Read More

(Nearly) every Alfred Hitchcock cameo

You certainly knew that the great movie director, Alfred Hitchcock, was used to, first in order to reduce budgets, then merely for fun, keep one little cameo appearance in each of his movies, sometimes even a small role. An Internet user collected them all (nearly) in a single sequence. YouTube link

Milestone: 11 years, 1 million visits in a year just went through one of these moments I will easily remember! The visit count regularly climbs since the inception of the web site, but I just noticed something I’m pretty proud of: In the last year (more precisely, the last 365 days), this web site got more than one million visits as counted by… Read More

Fruits and vegetables in hospital

Normally, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is interesting only the physicists for its uses in scientific research and the physicians for the fabulous pictures it gives of the insides of the human body. An MRI scanner will allow to display fine cuts of the body of the patient laid into the machine, but what is to… Read More

Best locations for wallpapers

You find them anywhere and everywhere, but it’s not always worth the visit. To find a beautiful wallpaper for your computer (even more if it has seevral screens), you need to find reliable sources of nice wallpapers. I wrote down a few of the best ones here: The wallpaper section of National Geographic Digital Blasphemy… Read More

Let the US government teach you a language

In the spotlight: Sony Alpha 900 Canon EOS 5D Mk II Nikon D700 FX Download Nero for free These are language courses which have been developed by the US government and are set in the public domain. So, you can use them as much as you want. A long list of languages: Amharic Arabic Bulgarian… Read More