E3, Los Angeles game show

This is not a full review of this great game show, but I wanted to point at a few of the important items that could be extracted from this event.

  • Crysis, the new First Person Shooter (FPS) of Crytek (previously author of the much acclaimed FarCry) seems to be totally impressive with a crazy jungle environment where everything seems to be real (you can shoot trees leave by leave and the image rendering is amazingly good). I don’t know what kind of hardware we’ll need for it, though. (photos and test)
  • Duke Nukem Forever is still scheduled for… later. This game will never happen (it already cost more than 8M$ and is still not getting out of the Dallas offices where it is supposedly developed).
  • Lots of games have bought a Hollywood license: Scarface, Reservoir dogs, and the usual batch of Star Wars based games

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