Manage your process priorities in Win7

You may not know it but all processes and all programs are not running with the same energy in your Windows-based computer. There is something named “process priorities” that manages which program will run first or will run with the most direct access to the CPU. photo credit: Ioan Sameli All this goes quite transparently,… Read More

Get pixellated DOS games on your new PC

If you have an old collection of PC MS-DOS games that has been sleeping at the bottom of a drawer, you may have two approaches: A/ you prefer to forget the old pixels and buy new games, B/ you were so found of those that you want to play even on your newest PC. However,… Read More

Shanghai IDF 2008: Assistance needs assistance

Intel has several Developer forums per year in the world. In Spring 2008, they went to Shanghai in order to reveal the future of computers, mobile data and processors. Oddly enough, I also was in Shanghai at the same time. I observed not the forum itself, but people going to the Forum (located in the… Read More

DRAM nightmares

Actually, this is DRAM manufacturers that have these nightmares. While prices have been regularlyfalling down for months (consumers love it), the financial results of most of the manufacturers are falling through the floor. It has been quite long in the making, but we can expect that there will be some consolidation when some manufacturer close… Read More

Phenom, incompatible with existing AM2 motherboards?

This is more or less what has to be concluded from reading the articles currently published about the compatibility (more supposed than real) between the new AMD 4-core processor and the existing AM2-socket motherboards. But it seems that AMD will have to be a little more patient. This is not a very good omen for… Read More

DRAM and NAND Flash markets still very low

Manufacturers of DRAM chips and NAND Flash modules still see the market as one long nightmare they cannot wake up from. There is a permanent oversupply that does not seem to be reduced by the end-of-the-year purchases. Taiwan DRAM makers are worried because they do not even see a reason why this should improve in… Read More

What good is the Crysis demo?

As plenty other people you may have already downloaded the Crysis demo because you wanted to taste the PC game of the end of the year. But some Internet web site went further and stressed the demo to the point that you can get a good feeling of what this video game will be capable… Read More

Blog action day: Save the planet, energy-saving computer tricks

Today is Blog Action Day: The day that bloggers chose to try and help save the planet from the impact of Human activity. For my own part, I decided to collect a few ideas to save energy in your computer usage: Upgrade your gear Dim your screen Consolidate and virtualize computers Turn off peripherals Kill… Read More

November 2007: Giant leap for PC gaming

Do you remember 2004? In this year, we saw the birth of FarCry, Half Life 2 and Doom 3, three games that really redefined PC gaming. This year, in November, we will see a blooming of new games which are set to retrace the PC gaming industy. Expect no less than: Hellgate: London is for… Read More

Do we need hybrid drives?

Microsoft would have us believing that the hybrid disk drives (containing a standard magnetic disc drive, some Flash memory and the usual cache memory) are the solution to all world’s problems (including hunger and poverty), the culmination of technology finally allowed by Windows Vista. The basic principle of adding Flash memory to a disk drive… Read More